Leaf Removal Services

In the autumn, the leaves on the trees turn from green to beautiful fall colors. The air is crisp, the weather is still nice if you have a cozy sweater, and it’s just a very pleasant time of year. However, this also signals that the leaves are just about ready to fall off of their branches which creates a lot of extra work during a time of year when most of us would rather be doing more enjoyable things. Even for smaller properties with a small handful of trees, leaf removal turns into a pretty big chore. For larger properties, it becomes a downright full time job.

Many homes and businesses are turning to leaf removal services to take care of this chore for them. Rather than having to take time out of their days to rake the leaves, bag them up, and dispose of the bags properly – you can hire us for our leaf removal services. We’ll show up at your property, we’ll take care of everything in a friendly and timely fashion, and we’ll leave with bags and bags filled with leaves that you’ll never have to think about again.

Leaf Removal Services for Homeowners

What we offer with our leaf removal service is one less thing to worry about, so you can enjoy the beautiful change of seasons without having to think about the back-breaking labor of raking leaves all day, bagging them up, then hauling away the bags.

Our leaf removal services complement the rest of our yard and lawncare services. Once we’ve removed the leaves, we can maintain your lawn including fertilizing it so that it will look incredible once the next summer rolls along.

Leaving the leaves sitting on your lawn for too long can cause them to get nasty and mouldy if they’re in the shade, and it can prevent your grass from getting the oxygen and sunlight that it needs to grow properly. The best thing that you can do is to get them before they’ve been sitting for too long.

What’s the Next Step?

To get a custom estimate for leaf removal, along with any additional lawncare services that you may want to explore, you can reach out to us using our Contact Us page. Our team members are looking forward to hearing from you, and going over all of the details of the many ways we can help you care for your property.

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